Also known as “Local Travelers”, these therapists provide professional therapy services on behalf of PT Solutions for clients who are in their metro area. These therapists live at home, and travel less than 50 miles to work.

Take Me Back

Does this sound at all like you?


I enjoy

adapting to new work environments.

I want

to live at home, but earn a travel wage.

I am willing

to commute up to 50 miles from my home.

I’m all about

meeting new people.

I like

the flexibility of a short term assignment.

Did you answer YES?

You are a perfect candidate for CONTRACT THERAPY assignment.


Contract Therapist Spotlight

Scott Henderson

Working as a Contract Physical Therapist

“I’ve worked in every setting you can imagine,” says Scott Henderson (PT). Henderson’s 30 years of experience as a physical therapist in multiple areas helped him to decide on one area to specialize in as a contractor. Through contract work, Henderson does therapy he loves all while getting a good variety of locations to mix up the daily grind.

“Fresh” Work Every Day

Henderson calls being a contract therapist a unique situation. “You always put your bag down in a new place,” says Henderson. The different places he goes to as a contractor make the work “fresh” and “new,” allowing him to really enjoy his job. He continues,  “Even though you don’t have much history, it allows you to have a significant impact as a therapist.”

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