New to Nursing? 4 Pieces of Advice Nursing Grads Need to Know!

The first few years of nursing are no picnic. Nursing is a challenging and emotionally taxing profession that can be overwhelming for a new nurse. From day one, you must hold the lives of others in your hands. It is an enormous undertaking, and it is easy to beat yourself up for not being perfect….

I was a Sponge. I am a solid six months into my permanent placement in Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology. For the first month, the pace of the office was slow as we began to build our patient base. Each new patient visit was an hour-long, and we saw six new patients a day. The light…

Rachael Harding is a recent nursing school graduate, who exudes energy and positivity. You can hear it in her voice in our full conversation on myRNpodcast.  Subscribe and listen on your favorite streaming service.  During my interview with Rachael, we talked about how she balanced full-time work and nursing school for the past four years….