Temp to Perm Therapists work for PT Solutions the first 13 weeks of their assignment. Then, if the therapist and employer both want to move forward with a direct hire, PT Solutions helps the therapist become a permanent employee of the facility.

Take Me Back

Does this sound at all like you?


I want to

get to know my next employer before I make a long term commitment.

I’d like to

tryout a new setting before deciding if it’s for me.

I’m not sure

where I’m going to live, and I’d like some time to look around.

I’ve been a traveler,

but I’m ready to transition into a permanent employee.

Did you answer YES?

Then you are a perfect candidate for a TEMP TO PERM Placement!


Temp to Perm Therapist Spotlight

Kasey Bandy

(Kasey started this job as temp and has now chosen to do it permanently)

What I Love About Working in a School Setting–Kasey Bandy, SLP

Kasey Bandy has worked most recently as a speech language pathologist (SLP) with children aged birth through early childhood, but had previously also worked with elementary school students, all the way through high school students.

The Fulfilling Work of a School Setting SLP

Bandy didn’t expect to enjoy working with children, and was most surprised that she finds a lot of joy in working with early childhood students. She says that the students are excited to see her, and that, “There is no stigma to therapy yet.” Rather, the therapist is someone coming to “play” with them, helping them become confident socially and in language. Bandy loves how through this “playing” you can also see the burgeoning social skills these students are developing.

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