Travel Therapists work as PT Solutions’ employees to fill short term therapist job openings all over the United States. Travel therapists receive a housing stipend or housing arrangements as part of their pay. Travel Therapy Jobs often provide coverage for Medical Leaves or other temporary staffing shortages.

Take Me Back

Does this sound at all like you?


I am


I want

to maximize my earning potential

I want

to gain experience in a variety of settings.

I like

adapting to new situations.

I love

to travel and explore new places!

I enjoy

meeting new people.

I’d rather not 

be tied down to a long term commitment right now.

Did you answer YES?

You are a perfect candidate for a TRAVEL THERAPY placement.


Travel Therapist Spotlight

Justin Johnson

Go West, Young Man!

Justin Johnson originally started as a travel physical therapist so that he could move out West and live somewhere that suited his love for the outdoors. Being a travel therapist has enabled Johnson to work in a variety of settings. He has enjoyed each setting for different reasons. He worked at a regional hospital that allowed him to grow in inpatient and outpatient care, specifically with wound care. He also worked in a skilled nursing facility where he felt the director and therapists were awesome team members.

He also enjoyed a brief stint in acute care, where he says it was a “good, ethical hospital,” and a great patient population to work with. Since these experiences, he has continued living out West, and has spent the last two years working as a float therapist in a skilled nursing facility.

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