PT Solutions exists to CONNECT and SERVE with Compassion, Excellence and Dedication.


Our vision is to connect exceptional therapy talent with quality organizations providing therapy services. We realize we are only as strong as our team and proactively invest in our shared future by attracting and retaining professionals with superior talent and a servant’s heart. Our culture is defined by a team of individuals who display servant leadership, build life-giving relationship, serve with compassion, and continuously improve our efforts through a personal commitment to excellence and intrinsic dedication to win. We are the market’s most trusted and respected resource for interim and permanent placement therapy talent and staffing solutions.


We strive to embody the following values:
C – Compassion
O – Optimize Margins
N – iNtegrity
N – iNvest in Others
E – Excellence
C – Comprehensive  Decision Making
T – Trust

Compassion – We believe that compassion is the foundation of healthcare. We serve others because we truly care about them.

Optimizing Margins – Margin is a word that  we use to describe the balance between work, family and fun.  We strive to maintain this balance. We also strive to balance profitability and productivity, with the welfare of our patients and employees.

iNtegrity – We strive to be honest in all we do. We try to communicate both positives and negatives of every situation, so that employees know what to expect when they arrive at their job. We underpromise so that we can over deliver!

iNvest in Others – We hope that each customer and employee is blessed because of the interaction that they have with our company. Our goal is to build up people during the time that they spend with our company so that when they leave, they are better off than when they came.

Excellence – We strive to do our work with excellence.

Comprehensive Decisions – We use evidence based practices in our therapy, and utilize research and facts base decision making in our business processes.

Trust – We seek to earn the trust of our clients and employees by being trustworthy.

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