Navigating new healthcare environments is expected when you are a travel nurse and success in travel nursing depends on your ability to adapt quickly. Success encompasses a growth mindset, interpersonal skills, flexibility and adaptability, continuous learning, self-care, and proper support. These tools can help you adapt to new and exciting healthcare environments. Establish a Growth…

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The most significant perk of travel nursing is the freedom to choose what work you will do and where you will do it. You are in control as a travel nurse. So when you return home after an assignment, maximize this freedom to make the most of your time between assignments or before you begin…

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Emergency Nurses Day is the second Wednesday in Oct. It is a day to honor these nurses’ dedication to patient care. This year, Oct. 11 is the day, and it is about recognizing the emergency nurse community’s strength, resilience, intelligence and compassion. ER nurses often see people at the worst time of their lives and…

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As a nurse, you should make your uniform a priority. Your uniform is more than a colorful, comfortable garment. It directly affects your professional image and patient comfort. It keeps you safe and has a design with you, the health care professional, in mind. Ultimately, it enhances the overall quality of care you provide. Nursing…

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