Communication is vital to health care and the healing process. Patients are likely to adhere to treatment, have better outcomes, express greater satisfaction, and are less likely to file malpractice suits when communication is effective. For a new nurse, communication can help build satisfying relationships with older patients. Here are tips on how to communicate…

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Burnout is much more than feeling tired as a nurse. It is an emotional, mental, and physical reaction to stress. The demands of the nursing profession can pile up on you rapidly, and you can quickly feel unappreciated and overworked. You might also be experiencing the following: • Dread going to work • Mentally check…

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As a front-line clinician, your shifts as a nurse certainly include interaction with patients’ families. Visits from family and friends are beneficial for the patient and welcomed in health care facilities most of the time. However, a hospital can be a highly emotional environment, and it can make handling some of the visitors a challenge….

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Health care is a career with vast rewards. Unfortunately, it also puts one’s health at risk with the physical demands of crowded hospitals, the stress of long shifts, and working closely with very ill patients. Although many health care facilities are progressing to prevent injury and illness, much more work remains. Here are four ways…

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