Emergency Nurses Day is the second Wednesday in Oct. It is a day to honor these nurses’ dedication to patient care. This year, Oct. 11 is the day, and it is about recognizing the emergency nurse community’s strength, resilience, intelligence and compassion. ER nurses often see people at the worst time of their lives and try to help, comfort, and heal them. The job requires putting others’ needs before their own. To show these nurses how valuable they are, Emergency Nurses Day invites organizations to go the extra mile and express gratitude to their emergency nursing staff.

Nurses With Much Responsibility

You might have a good idea of what an ER nurse does. Yes, ER nurses work in hospital emergency rooms and trauma centers. But did you know they also work in other settings, including cruise ships and prisons? These health care professionals are responsible for providing rapid assessment and treating patients during the initial phase of an illness or trauma. Often, their patients are in life-threatening situations.

The ER nurse is skilled at rapidly assessing, interviewing, and stabilizing patients with various illnesses. ER nurses take decisive action and are knowledgeable about specific and general health issues. An understanding of triage is essential. This method of prioritizing injuries demands quick, accurate assessments.

The Career

Emergency nursing is complicated and sometimes emotional work. However, it is a rewarding occupation. Becoming a registered nurse (RN) requires either an associate degree in nursing (ASN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Afterward, you must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Some ER nurses choose to further their education, earn a master’s degree and become advanced practice nurses.

If you are an RN and want to specialize in ER nursing, you will need some experience in the field first. The usual recommendation is that nurses accrue at least two years of ER nursing experience. Do this before seeking the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) certification. There are several types of certifications, including pediatric, flight and critical care ground transport.

After gaining certification, ER nurses typically continue their education throughout their careers. These nurses must stay on top of things as best practices and technology change often, updated to ensure patients receive the best care feasible. CENs need to qualify for re-certification every four years. Re-certification requires continuing education or online testing.

ER RNs make the difference when every second counts. If you are an ER RN, thank you! If you are seeking a position, myRNstaffingsolutions can help. The staff at myRNstaffingsolutions connect exceptional nursing talent with quality organizations providing medical services.

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