Transitioning from nursing school to nursing practice can be an overwhelming experience. The transition is so challenging that many new nurses leave a position within their first year of practice. New nurses often need help developing their skills to improve patient safety and efficiency, and they need to take care of themselves in the process. Here are essential tips to help your transition from nursing school to the workplace a bit easier.

Learn Where Things Are

Make it a point to tour your unit with someone knowledgeable. Do this with more than one person. Find everything in your unit and remember where it is, even if you must write it down. Knowing where things are will save you a tremendous amount of time. Volunteer to straighten up the supply room in your spare time or do anything to help you remember where to get things. Knowing how to locate items fosters independence and makes you feel less anxious.

Get Organized

Think about the amount of time wasted due to poor organization. How much time have you wasted running down the hall in school without tape or scissors in your pocket? On the floor, you cannot waste time chasing down supplies. Ask experienced nurses what they carry in their pockets to get ideas. Make sure you buy scrubs with big pockets to hold many things!

Practice Self-Care

Nursing is rewarding, but it is also stressful. Self-care for nurses is very beneficial. You must get adequate rest, nutrition and exercise. Consider including deep breathing and relaxation, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy or journaling in your self-care strategy.

Be Patient and Give It Time

It is near impossible to understand the complexities of nursing in a short period. Do not expect to have everything figured out in a month or two. Most new nurses feel uncomfortable for the first six months of a year. Communicate that you lack knowledge. Respect comes when you admit you do not know something and actively seek knowledge and then apply it.

Take Care of Your Feet

Your feet are all you have, so take care of them! Your feet will likely take a beating every shift, so buy the most comfortable shoe you can find regardless of the cost. Ask your fellow nurses what works and what does not work for them.

Gain Confidence Through Knowledge

If you need to know something on the floor or in the unit, look it up or ask. Whether it be meds, procedures, or anything else you are unsure of, look it up before you enter a patient’s room. Be adaptable because there are situations you will not find in a book. Have a mentor walk you through something or give you moral support. Learn how to think critically.

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