Time for a Change? Nursing Related Professions to Consider

If you are a skilled nurse interested in a new career path, you can use your existing medical knowledge and skills to work with patients in a new career. Here are career change possibilities for nurses to use their existing nursing skills. Some options might require additional education and clinical experience.

Nursing Related Professions to Consider

Medical Records and Health Information

Professionals in this group generally need a postsecondary certification or an associate degree to find an entry-level job. Nurses working in this profession can use their knowledge of medical terminology, health data requirements, coding and classification systems. These professionals are also called medical information clerks, and the average salary is $40,350.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales representatives communicate with doctors and other health care specialists to introduce new pharmaceutical products to the market. Nurses have experience to understand medical terminology and communication standards for clinical settings. Educational requirements vary, but most require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. The salary is $63,000.


Nutritionists work with clients similar to nurses with their patients. Entry-level positions prefer a bachelor’s degree and an internship. Health assessments, nutritional counseling, and personalized meal plans are typical duties. The salary is $61,000.

Health Educator

A health educator position is an excellent non-bedside nursing option. These professionals teach individuals and communities how to live healthy lifestyles. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is the typical requirement for entry-level jobs. Some employers might also require applicants to have a certified health education specialist credential. Most health educators work in government, with individuals, family services, or hospitals. The salary is $46,910.

Physical Therapist

Moving into physical therapy is a common career change for nurses. PTs develop ways to help ill or injured people improve physical mobility and manage their pain levels. Nurses tend to do well in these positions and work in clinics, hospitals, and private offices. A Doctor of Physical Therapy degree plus a license is required to practice. This high-growth occupation pays on average $89,440 annually.

Clinical Social Worker

This profession involves interacting with patients and clients directly and is an excellent career option for nurses looking for a career change. These workers diagnose and treat mental illness, emotional problems, behavioral issues. Nurses can put their medical knowledge to use in clinical work settings. Clinical social workers need a master’s degree, a license, and two years of experience in a supervised environment. The average salary is $50,470.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Nurses are often attracted to this specialty due to their close interaction with clients. These professionals diagnose and treat children and adults with speech production issues caused by brain injuries, stroke, hearing loss, and autism. A master’s degree is the requirement for entry-level careers. The salary is $79,120.

Looking to Make a Change?

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