Job interviews are never easy. You know the routine. You wear your best clothes, prepare your resume, and remind yourself to smile. All is well until the interviewer hits you with a question you are unprepared to answer. It’s a horrible feeling, and most of us have been there.

Consider taking time to prepare for your upcoming interview. Do your research, and study interview questions that are typical in any job interview. Here is how you can correctly handle five common interview questions.

Tell Me About Yourself?

This popular one is a common question that typically kicks off any job interview. Answer it well, and you will make an excellent first impression. If you stumble, you might demonstrate a lack of self-confidence. List your outstanding accomplishments, and your ego will look big. The idea here is to find a balance between confidence and not being pretentious.

Prepare an elevator pitch about yourself. Skip the personal history and give 2-3 sentences about your career path and how you ended up in the interview. There is no need for detail; there will be opportunities for that later. Leave enough curiosity, so the interviewer becomes excited and wants to know more throughout the interview.

Why Do You Want to Work for This Company?

When hiring managers hit you with this question, they are looking for a couple of things. Supervisors want to know why you want to work for them and what you know about their company. It is a question that tests how well you know the company and how passionate you are about the job opportunity. Please research and ensure you understand the company well and can speak truthfully about your desire to work for them.

Why Should We Hire You?

If you hear this question, remember that the interviewer is trying to determine what skills you have that you wish to bring to the team. Do not be vague here and talk about what a hard worker you are or how nice you might be. It’s best if you are exact. Summarize your work history and accomplishments and use specific examples when possible. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for an interviewer to visualize you working for the company.

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How Did You Hear About This Job?

Please do not take this one lightly and say you saw it online. This question is an opportunity in disguise. The question is an opportunity for you to detail how you love the company and why you want to work for it. Have a personal connection to the company? This part of the interview is the perfect time to mention their name.

What Are Your Salary Requirements?

You may or may not get this question. Be prepared because you want to ensure you get a fair wage from the company. Although employers can ask you what your salary expectations are, it is illegal in certain places to ask about your previous salary.

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