The Pros and Cons of a Travel Nursing Position

Are you a nurse who loves to travel to new places? Travel nursing might be for you. Travel nursing allows you to combine your love of traveling and exploration with your nursing career. There are many fantastic motivations to become a travel nurse and a few reasons you might wish to reconsider your choice. Here are some considerations.

The Pros of Travel Nursing

Here are reasons why a travel nurse career might be a terrific choice for you:

  • Great pay. The ability to make a six-figure salary is a significant inducement to be a travel nurse. You can certainly expect to earn more than permanent employees.
  • The chance to travel. Travel nurses do precisely that. They travel. Travel nursing allows you to visit exciting places and make new friends.
  • New friends. You might be the new person, but you can still make friends. You can make friends all over the country, with some of these relationships lasting a lifetime.
  • Avoid work politics. All work environments have their politics. However, you do not have to get wrapped up in workplace issues and politics as a travel nurse. Show up, do your work, and return home.
  • Gain valuable experience. As a traveler, you will learn different ways of performing tasks, other processes, procedures, equipment, goals, and challenges. You will gain experience in many different clinical settings.
  • Flexibility. Travel nurses have complete control when they work. You can take the entire summer off if you so choose!
  • Travel nursing can be a networking event where you meet different people. You can use travel nursing as an opportunity to further your career.
  • Choose your adventure. Handpick the setting of your nursing contract and get paid well for it.
  • Life skills. Working with different people in different settings teaches life skills such as critical thinking, adaptability, and communication skills.
  • Job security. For a nurse, your services will always be in demand. Hospitals are constantly looking for qualified staff.

The Cons of Travel Nursing

These are reasons you might want to reconsider travel nursing:

  • Unfamiliar environments. You will always be in unfamiliar territory. For every assignment, you will have to learn the ropes. The policies, the procedures, and the location of equipment and supplies.
  • You are always the new guy. Each time you arrive at an assignment, you will not know anyone. You might be lonely, especially if you are not adept at making friends.
  • Not the best work assignments. Being a new person might impact your work assignments. Most likely, you will receive the more undesirable patient assignments.
  • You might become homesick. You might end up in an area far from your family and friends. Talking on the phone is different from speaking to loved ones in person.

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