Here are five TED talks that are terrific for healthcare employees. These talks can help you get inspired whether you listen on your way home after a shift, prepare for your next shift, or even before bed. Healthcare workers need a boost of motivation; these talks can inspire and help you through difficult times.

On Being Present, Not Perfect

Elaine Meyer draws on her clinical experience to present the importance of being authentic in your workplace by illustrating the gaps in healthcare communication and advising on how to close these gaps. Elaine Meyer demonstrates the importance of reflective listening and provides communication and relationship-building examples. She has real-life stories within the healthcare field and believes that opening up and having genuine and open conversations with patients is more crucial than medications.

What Can We Learn From the 1918 Flu?

Laura Spinney is a science journalist and has written several books. In this TED talk, she examines the enduring effects of a pandemic and society’s response to it. She discusses how pandemics alter global politics, race relations, family structures, and thinking across medicine, religion, and the arts. Reflecting on the 1918 flu and how society moves forward can help us approach the COVID pandemic. As a healthcare professional, knowing there is light at the end of this tunnel will inspire you.

How to Make Stress Your Friend

Stress makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken, and your forehead sweat. However, psychologist Kelly McGonigal believes that stress may be only bad for you if you think that to be the case. Kelly urges you to see stress as a positive and introduces a stress reduction mechanism: reaching out to others. She believes that high stress in healthcare is inevitable. However, we can learn how to reduce it.

What Makes Us Get Sick? Look Upstream

Rishi Manchanda is a physician who practices in South Central LA and dedicates himself to finding the root of health problems. Before Rishi Manchanda treats the after-effects of illness with medication, he prefers to understand the trigger for the disease. Perhaps it is an irregular or unhealthy diet, increased stress levels, or other problems which occur from the environment or social aspects. His talk is about using a holistic approach to wellness.

Want to Change the World? Start by Being Brave Enough to Care

Being brave and caring for others is part of the job of a healthcare worker. Healthcare staff must remain patient and kind during the worst times. This TED talk by Cleo Wade describes the importance of being kind to all patients. Although being a good person in this challenging world is complex, being a caring person is good for you and others.

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