The difference between local and travel jobs

Great pay, endless opportunities, and adventure are just a few reasons many healthcare professionals choose to travel for work. Travel health care is a very lucrative career. Perhaps you wish to stay close to home but envy the travel nurse career. A career in local travel nursing might be the perfect way to use your nursing skills. It means you can be a travel nurse without hopping on a plane and flying all over the country from job to job. A local travel nursing job can offer you balance, improved relationships, stress reduction, and job security.

Local Travel Nursing

It’s no secret that there is a nursing shortage. Nurses have left the profession and left a void. To fill this gap, many hospitals turn to travel nurses who work temporary contracts at hospitals as needed. Travel nurses tend to make more money than staff nurses. For many, travel nursing is all about the adventure of traveling across the country. But if you enjoy staying close to your home, you can become a local travel nurse.

Work/Life Balance

There is no place like home. All value a stable living situation, and nurses are no exception. Taking a travel assignment can be challenging for nurses with a family, children, or a second job, and many single nurses might want to stay close to friends and family. As a local traveler, you can keep your home life without losing the benefits of travel nursing.


Your relationships certainly benefit from your staying local. With a local assignment, you do not have to miss family functions unless you choose to, and you can attend live instead of over the phone or via video. If you feel homesick, a short drive can remedy the situation. Local travel nursing provides the security of being close to friends and family.

Staying close to home offers stability in relationships in the workplace too. Healthcare is full of surprises, and no two patients are alike. However, you can return to a familiar, close-to-home workplace each week and build relationships with coworkers who share your home place.

Less Stress

Travel nursing, even local travel nursing, requires you to be flexible. With a travel assignment, you regularly change your home and workplace address, friends and colleagues, commute, weather, and more. It can understandably cause stress and anxiety for some. However, if you stay local, you already have your home and are familiar with your town. If you have colleagues you enjoy, you can extend your contract. When you work locally, you eliminate the additional work/life stress that travel can bring for some.

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