It is time to show your hard-working nursing staff some appreciation this summer. It need not be expensive, and it is a fantastic way to increase engagement while decreasing turnover. Nurses deserve appreciation, so consider these ways to show your nurses you appreciate their service without damaging your budget.

Create a Nurse of the Month Program

You can recognize a top nurse each month and highlight their achievements by sending out an email or by making a presentation at the start of a shift. Let your team decide who deserves the award each month. Achievement recognition is a simple and cost-effective way to let your nurses know they matter and are making a difference in patients’ lives.

You can take recognition a step further by creating a trophy as a symbol of honor. The nurse will keep the award for the month until passing it on to the next top performer. You can also construct a wall of fame with headshots of the nurses of the month.

Include Nurses in Decision-Making

A fantastic way to show nurses that you appreciate them without spending any money is to ask for their advice, solicit feedback, and include them in the decision-making process. Including nurses in the decision-making process boosts morale, keeps nurses on top of their game, and demonstrates that you value the exceptional care they provide.

Write Personal Thank You Notes

When it comes to motivation, a kind word beats out money. It is easy and personal, and it costs absolutely nothing. So when one of your nurses does a terrific job, leave them a handwritten note thanking them for their valuable contribution and outstanding patient care. Download these Nurse Appreciation cards to show your gratitude.  Nurses will appreciate that you take some time to make them feel special.

A Wellness Initiative

Consider an onsite wellness initiative. Think chair massages, juices, smoothies,  meditation, or yoga sessions. This reward is effective in two ways: it rewards your hard-working nursing staff for their work and encourages them to consider their health. The pandemic has made the past few years challenging for health care workers, so show them you care.

Recognize Birthdays and Anniversaries

Celebrate the birthdays of your nurses if they are comfortable with it. Acknowledge nurses’ special day with an announcement and a treat such as coffee, donuts, or pizza. A work anniversary is another ideal time to show appreciation. Honor nurses on their one, five, or ten years or more of service. Recognition of their contributions goes a long way.

Know More Than Their Names

This one is simple yet effective. Although you might know your nurses’ names, you might not know much more about them. Take time for meaningful conversation with everyone on your team. Discover their goals at work and beyond. Explore ways to help them meet their goals while assisting them to feel empowered at work.

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