Are Cover Letters a thing of the past in healthcare

With new technology developments, such as using AI for job searching or online application processes, it might seem that the need for a cover letter is a thing of the past. However, the cover letter is still a crucial part of your application. The cover letter provides a hiring manager with further details on how your skill set aligns with the role. It lets you describe what you can bring to the group and why you want the position. It is the number one thing a hiring manager will see when you apply for a healthcare position. No, cover letters are not a thing of the past in healthcare. Here is why.

A Cover Letter Enhances Your Resume

When you customize a cover letter, it shows that you are interested in a specific job. It allows you a forum to expand on the points made in your resume. The cover letter is the ideal place to explain a particular skill or license that will make you a strong candidate.

It is also a place for clarity. It is a place for explaining any unusual aspects of your resume. If there are gaps in your resume, use a cover letter to explain them and ease the employer’s mind.

It Shows Employers How You Can Help Them

A cover is a terrific place to showcase your skills. But you can take this further by showing how you can help improve the employer’s business. You can show them how you can fix their problem. It is crucial for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics to know they are hiring a person who can be a difference-maker in patients’ lives. You can use a cover letter to focus on how you can help to make a difference in patients’ lives.

You Can Show Expertise

Companies typically require cover letters for jobs that require extensive writing. Cover letters explain why you are qualified for the job. They also show off your writing skills or lack thereof to prospective employers. Do you work in a healthcare field that requires writing? You will need to create a strong cover letter to explain why you are an excellent fit for the position.

Perhaps the Job Opportunity Requires a Cover Letter

The most obvious reason for a cover letter is that the company requires one. A recent study shows that a cover letter is second only to customizing your resume to improve your chances of getting hired. Many employers will only spend less than five minutes looking at a resume. However, many employers will spend more time reading a cover letter, so it is vital to emphasize any crucial parts of your resume.

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