In nurse recruiting, time to hire is a standard metric. It calculates the time between the job application and the job offer. Who the candidate is and the current market conditions affect this number, and many organizations struggle with this metric. The lengthy process of publicizing an open position, sifting through resumes, interviewing, and hiring make the hiring task harder than ever for HR professionals and hiring managers. So time to hire is a significant problem for many employers.

However, you can reduce your time to hire when hiring your next nurse. A medical staffing agency can help you reduce your time to hire by taking the extra work of the hiring process off your hands. Here are terrific reasons to engage the services of a medical staffing agency.

Medical Staffing Agencies Appreciate Efficiency

In medical facilities around the country, efficiency is key to effective patient care. Staffing agencies are fully aware of this fact and understand efficiency well. A goal of staffing agencies is to push efficient processes without sacrificing quality in the process. With a medical staffing agency, your medical facility can move through the hiring process faster, keep your candidate funnel full, and improve the hiring time. Staffing agencies streamline the process by handling candidates’ vetting, coordinating meetings, follow-throughs, offers, and negotiations.

Agencies Find the Hard-to-Find Candidates

Healthcare employers often rely on passive job candidates to meet their staffing needs. These candidates, who are not actively seeking employment, are typically the best talent. However, sourcing these passive candidates is not practical. Most hiring managers have no time to solicit healthcare workers who are already employed. Enter a staffing agency. Staffing agencies utilize a highly organized method of rapidly sourcing passive candidates. Your organization can fill your candidate pipeline with their assistance while reducing your hiring time.

A Large Talent Database

Is your talent database substantial? Do you have one? Staffing agencies create talent databases daily. These talent pools are a database that recruiters use to keep in contact with candidates. The candidates come from sources like job events and past applications and are excellent candidates for future job postings. Remember, a vast hidden pool of talent might be willing to speak to you if you had enough time to approach them. If you allow a staffing agency to build a talent pipeline for your medical facility, its professional network can quickly find and hire the best candidates.

Vast Experience

Medical staffing agencies are nothing new. They have been around for a considerable amount of time. The result of this extensive experience is the establishment of a solid talent database. Staffing agencies have the connections that can bring your organization the best healthcare talent available. A reliable foundation can reduce the extra pressure of posting jobs, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

MyRN Staffing Solutions

The staffing professionals at myRN Staffing Solutions can provide a solution for your healthcare organization by offering multiple placement solutions that address your unique staffing needs. Let them help your facility.

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