What is the Future of Travel Nursing?

Have you considered becoming a travel nurse? Are you wondering how long the opportunities will last or when will the high-paying assignments dry up? Or are you currently a travel nurse concerned about possible forthcoming salary caps and restrictions? Regardless, it would help if you considered the future of travel nursing.

Post-Pandemic Transition

We are transitioning into a post-pandemic time in healthcare. With this transition comes changes for travel nursing. The major healthcare systems are now transitioning back to hiring full-time nurses permanently and have canceled some travel nursing contracts. With the pandemic, extensions of contracts were common. Currently, extensions are becoming fewer.

The high pay rates for travel nurses are declining and slowly returning to pre-pandemic numbers. The demand for travel nursing is decreasing. However, travel nursing contracts still exist. Many nurses will certainly return to permanent nursing positions for stability. These returning nurses will also seek higher wages, sign-on bonuses, and benefits.

An Asset

Hospitals value travel nurses because they help to keep healthcare systems working. A new trend finds hospitals establishing internal travel nurse programs. These are short-term, contract-based positions like traditional travel nursing assignments. Although the pay is higher-than-average, the benefits tend to be limited. A typical contract lasts 3-4 months. The programs are ideal for nurses looking to work short-term contracts, those who want flexibility at work but want to remain local, and those who do not need benefits.

Still a Great Way to Check Out Options

The healthcare system has flaws, giving security to the travel nursing industry. Until nurses receive proper compensation for their tremendous responsibility, they will continue to look for other gigs. If the nursing shortage continues, there will be a great demand for travel nurses, and it is ideal for a nurse to shop around and look at other options. The shortage also means an increased opportunity for enhanced wages, role flexibility, and travel!

Demand Remains High

There are still nursing shortages throughout the country. There are also shortages of faculty in nursing schools. The issue is concerning and will likely prevent future market saturation among medical travelers. Nursing schools are turning nursing applicants away due to the nursing faculty shortage.

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